Pran Gangaraju Miss India USA 2014-2015

Pran Gangaraju won the title of Miss India USA 2014 in New Jersey on December 14, 2014. She will represent USA in the Twenty Fourth Annual Miss India Worldwide Pageant in Goa, India in June of 2015

Ushma Mrs. India Georgia 2014-2015

Ushma won the title of Mrs. India Georgia 2014-2015

Kali Miss Teen India Georgia 2014-2015

Kali won the title of Miss Teen India Georgia in July 2014.

Richa Miss India Georgia 2014-2015

Richa won the titles of Miss India Georgia 2014-2015

Miss India Georgia 2014 Title Holders

Miss/Teen/Mrs./Mr. India Georgia/USA Winners and Runner-Ups.

Akshaya Vijaykumar Miss Teen India USA 2012-2013

Akshaya Vijaykumar won the titles of Miss Teen India USA 2012-2013 and Best Talent February 2013.

Alycia Rehmatullah Miss Teen India USA 2013-2014

Alycia Rehmatulla won the national title of Miss Teen India USA 2013-2014 on November 24, 2013 in New Jersey. She also won the superlative Miss Beautiful Face!

The Miss India Georgia℠ pageant system is a program for young women between the ages of 13-26 and married women ages 21+. This pageant helps empower women to gain confidence, develop a healthy lifestyle blend between the east and west, and network while creating long-lasting friendships. The Miss India Georgia pageant is unique in that it takes place in the form of a summer program coaching young women through the intricacies of grace, talent, and poise. We work with our contestants to create the best version of themselves in terms of healthy living, dance classes, and interview training. Our contestants have gone on to become educated professional, university scholars, and national winners at Miss India USA and Miss Teen India USA pageants- yet still always connected to our community. This pageant is an official affiliate of Worldwide Pageants®. Contestants from only this pageant will represent the Indian Georgian community at Miss India USA, Miss Teen India USA, and Mrs. India USA and in Worldwide Pageants®.