Pran Gangaraju Miss India USA 2014-2015

Pran Gangaraju won the title of Miss India USA 2014 in New Jersey on December 14, 2014. She will represent USA in the Twenty Fourth Annual Miss India Worldwide Pageant in Goa, India in June of 2015

Ushma Mrs. India Georgia 2014-2015

Ushma won the title of Mrs. India Georgia 2014-2015

Kali Miss Teen India Georgia 2014-2015

Kali won the title of Miss Teen India Georgia in July 2014.

Richa Miss India Georgia 2014-2015

Richa won the titles of Miss India Georgia 2014-2015

Miss India Georgia 2014 Title Holders

Miss/Teen/Mrs./Mr. India Georgia/USA Winners and Runner-Ups.

Akshaya Vijaykumar Miss Teen India USA 2012-2013

Akshaya Vijaykumar won the titles of Miss Teen India USA 2012-2013 and Best Talent February 2013.

Alycia Rehmatullah Miss Teen India USA 2013-2014

Alycia Rehmatulla won the national title of Miss Teen India USA 2013-2014 on November 24, 2013 in New Jersey. She also won the superlative Miss Beautiful Face!

2014 Rules and Regulations

1. Who Can Participate: Any woman of Indian origin (regardless of her place of birth) between the ages of 17 and 26 for Miss India Georgia and between 13 and 16 for Miss Teen India GA, and Mrs. India Georgia ages 21 +,  inclusive (on December 31st of the year she participates), never married and never having had any children – except Mrs. India Georgia contestants, are eligible to participate. The contestant must be a resident of the state of Georgia for at least six months prior to participating. Appropriate documentation regarding the age and residency status of the contestant must be submitted in order to meet eligibility requirements.

2. National Contest: The winner of Miss India Georgia℠, Miss Teen India Georgia℠, Mrs. India Georgia along with the first runner up will be the only delegates from Georgia at the Miss India USA, Miss Teen India USA, and Mrs. Pageants. If the winner gets married during her reign, becomes pregnant, or does not fulfill her title responsibilities to the standards of iLink Professionals, then the title will be passed on to the first runner-up for the remainder of the term. The winner and runner up of Miss India Georgia℠, Miss Teen India Georgia℠, and Mrs. India Georgia are required to participate in Miss India USA by Miss India Worldwide Pageants®. Full or partial portion of the cash prizes will be awarded after the completion of Miss India USA pageant. Failure to participate in Miss India USA by the winner and runner up may cause them to lose full or partial portion of the cash prize. Details will be given during orientation.

3. Contestant Regulations: The contestant must behave in a manner befitting the title of Miss India Georgia℠ USA. All contestants must submit a registration fee of $100.00 (non-refundable) along with $20.00 for photo shoot and $ 30.00 for DVD of the program, totaling $150.00. All checks should be made payable to Miss India Georgia.

4.  Judging Criteria: The delegates selected for the Miss India Georgia℠, Miss Teen India Georgia℠, and Mrs. India Georgia will be judged in the following categories: (A) INDIAN DRESS (B) EVENING GOWN (C) TALENT (Miss & Teen) (D) QUESTION AND ANSWER. Since Miss India Georgia℠, Miss Teen India Georgia℠, and Mrs. India Georgia are conservative pageants, proper attire for all segments is mandatory. If a boutique sponsor is available that year, they will provide either an Indian Dress or Evening Gown. Details will be given at orientation. No indecent attire will be permitted. The Miss India Georgia℠ team, in its sole discretion, retains the right to alter the format of the pageant. Currently, the format involves following the rules set by the Miss India WorldWide® pageants. The Miss India Georgia℠ contestant’s scores in the talent segment – except Mrs. India Georgia, are combined with her scores in the Indian and Evening Wear segment on the day of the function to determine eligibility for top ten. The five contestants scoring the highest points will proceed to the Top Five category, and will enter the Question-and-Answer round and talent round – expect Mrs. India Georgia. Upon the completion of the Question-and-Answer round, a winner will be determined based on the following:

  • The highest and lowest scores for each participant, for each category (Indian outfit, Western Outfit, Talent -except Mrs. India Georgia, and the Question and Answer segment) will be discarded.
  • Each category will then be totaled.
  • The totals from each category will be added together to arrive at the Grand Total.         
  • The winners will be based on the highest Grand Total.

5. Time Constraints: Due to time constraints each contestant will only be allowed three (3) minutes for talent category (NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE ALLOWED TO THIS RULE). The contestant must notify the Miss India Georgia℠ staff of any special technical need at least two weeks prior to the pageant. THE CONTESTANT WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAVE ANYONE ON THE STAGE DURING THE TALENT SEGMENT (I.E. MODEL, BACKUP SINGERS, ETC.).

6. Judges: Judges will be selected for Miss India Georgia℠, Miss Teen India Georgia℠, and Mrs. India Georgia by the Judging committee. They will be eminent, respected members of the Indian, American and International Community.  The Miss India Georgia℠  team reserves the right to appoint all such judges. THE DECISION OF THE JUDGES, ONCE TABULATED, IS FINAL. THE MISS INDIA GEORGIA℠ TEAM and iLink Professionals Inc. BEARS NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE DECISIONS OF THE JUDGES.

7. Prizes: In the past, Miss India Georgia℠, Miss Teen India Georgia℠, and Mrs. India Georgia winners have received round-trip tickets to the Miss India USA and Miss Teen India USA, and various gifts (i.e. jewelry, watches, electronic items, gift certificates, picture portfolios, and cash).

8. Contestants: All contestants for Miss India Georgia℠ will be required to report to practices and main event at the specified dates and times. Neglecting to attend practices or any other required meeting(s) will subject the contestant to elimination from the pageant without a refund. Contestants are responsible for the expenses of their pageant clothing/hair and makeup, food and transportation. The Miss India Georgia℠ Pageant team will not be liable for any loss of properties, physical injuries or any other claims by the contestants or their parents or representatives.

The foregoing rules are subject to change by the Miss India Georgia℠ Pageant team at any time. All decisions regarding the eligibility of the contestant and the conduct of the Miss India Georgia℠, Miss Teen India Georgia℠ and Mrs. India Georgia, in general, are subject to ultimate approval by the Miss India Georgia℠ Team. The decision of pageant team shall be final in all matters.

I have understood the above Rules and Regulations and agree to abide by these terms.

I, hereby release, authorize & permit my photographs/video’s which may be used for publicity, promotional, or commercial purpose in conjunction with Miss India Georgia and their sponsors. I also release iLink Professional, Inc – Miss India Georgia from any responsibility or claim due to: Injuries suffered by me & my family or my personal property damaged or lost during travel from home to the place of this event & rehearsals. I also agree to abide fully by the Rules & Regulations & by the decisions of the Judges. I understand there will be an admission fee for my entire guest attending this event & that there are NO Camera’s allowed in the Ballroom/auditorium, unless stated they are allowed. iLink Professional, Inc – Miss India Georgia has the right to refuse to anyone not complying with our Rules & Regulations. Bashing, harassing, telling lies about iLink Professional, Inc – Miss India Georgia will not be tolerated. Anyone doing this will be banned & that will void their deposit or any other fees paid. By sending us your deposit you agree to all of these terms.

* No previous pageant and/or modeling experience required